Optimist EP

by Rama Gustavsson

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released September 24, 2019

All songs written by Anders Kapur

Recorded and mixed by Shae Brossard at the mighty Hotel 2 Tango in Montreal, QC

Additional recording by Anders Kapur in Banff, AB and Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by Dave Horrocks at Infinite Wave in Calgary, AB

Anders Kapur - Guitar, Vocals
Emma Munger - Guitar
Jeremy Yuto Nakamura - Bass, 12-String Guitar, Synthesizer
Theo Munger - Drums, Percussion
Charlotte Wang - Cello, Vocals on “Statuette”
Chantel Astarte - Vocals on “Favor” and “The Needle Points You Home”
Sofia Kapur - Vocals on “Optimist”
Carla J. Easton - Vocals on “The Needle Points You Home”

Album Art by Izzy Kapur and Anders Kapur

Special thanks to the Banff Centre and Joshua Chang


all rights reserved



Rama Gustavsson Brooklyn, New York

venmo @andersrgk :)

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Track Name: Statuette
he throws all his clothes off
natural, smiling and laughing
of marble and pearl
what do i know?
i bathe in the glow
to you, not me
it all comes too easy
the perfect occasion
seen through perfect eyes
the perfect pose
noble and powerful
my beautiful athlete
you’re nobody’s prize
a crucible of him
but glowing and molten
forged into a statuette
heavy and golden
i bury it in the ground
this object, this token
who knows what might sprout up?
who knows what i’m hoping?
a spotlight?
what’s going on here?
they’re calling my name
i’m giving my speech
the music swells up
i thank the academy
my own little academy
Track Name: Favor
of all the souls in the city
no one makes me feel colder
i wanna be told i’m pretty
i wanna lay my head on your shoulder
someone to make it look easy
i wanna be inside
your soft cocoon of protection
wrapping your ego around my pride
we all need a favor
we do
so now i’m throwing in with the fire
like the phoenix i’ll rise anew
the sword above my head
the things our parents said
cut me deeply
there’s holes in everything that i do
we all need a favor
we do
Track Name: Optimist
you packed it all up for him
gave us what wouldn’t fit
you austere optimist
i’m full of nerves to see you sit
atop your craigslist motorcycle
kick the stand up and smile
you’d ride through anything
you’d ride through anything
you’d ride through anything
through any weather
out on the road telling yourself
it’s for the better
we made it upstate
where the bones of forest glades
harbor glowing flames
of the northwestern rains
on great plains interstates
the cornfields boxed you in
is that where life begins?
you’d ride through anything
why there?
whatcha leaving for?
the year is young
the friendships strong
the long nights spent up singin’
the shiso and the bugs
new york misses you
here you are loved
you’d ride through anything
through any weather
out on the road telling yourself
it’s for the better
Track Name: The Needle Points You Home
you assholes make me sick
why must you rub my face in it?
this pail of crabs i’m living in
they’re gonna tear me limb from limb
and it might not seem so grim—
where we’re going and where we’ve been—
if i could read those squiggly lines
all tangled up
remapping blind
at the crossroads of ignorance and bliss
enjoy it, the ride it rarely lasts
the needle points you home
the roads all pull you back to rome
its people won’t leave you alone
senatus populusque no!
i can’t find no escape
they tear my clothes and cause me pain
tell me what you need from me
tell me what you need
when old friends are chewing off your ears
and true magnetic north is shifting year to year
unmoored from all place and time
the compass lets you roam
as sure as the sun does shine
the needle points you home

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